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  • Does Genie come with TV / Projector?
    Genie does not come with a TV or a projector. You may connect Genie to any TV/Projector that is already there in the classroom.
  • We already have TVs/projectors in school. Can Genie get connected to them?
    Genie connects to the TV or projector via the HDMI. So any type of TV or projectors that have HDMI out can connect to Genie.
  • We do not have TVs in our classrooms. Can Chrysalis help us with TV set up?
    We will be happy to understand your requirement and help you with recommending models/ vendors for the purchase and support you through the process.
  • Does Genie require a Smart TV?
    Smart TV is not required. Genie works with any basic Display only TV.
  • We already have Interactive panels. Can I still use Genie?
    Yes. Genie can get connected to an interactive panel through HDMI or wirelessly.
  • Does Genie come with a warranty?
    Yes, Genie comes with a 3 year warranty.
  • Does Genie content need internet?
    Much of the content bundled with Genie can work offline. However it is advised that you connect Genie to the internet to sync latest software and content updates. You can connect Genie to internet through LAN / WIFI
  • Can teachers use Powerpoint presentations and videos through pen drive in Genie?
    Certainly. Genie comes with 2 USB ports. You can also download Microsoft office on to Genie, if you so desire. Hence, Genie brings to you, the two worlds of Windows apps and Android apps!
  • What is the price of Genie?
    We need to understand your school requirements before we propose the right solution and pricing. So we request you to book a demo slot with us. One of our sales representative will meet you virtually or in person and discuss the solution with pricing.
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